About Membership

Pilbara for Purpose (P4P) is the peak membership body of the ‘For Purpose’ sector in the Pilbara. We are a local Pilbara organisation striving to serve the local Pilbara community.

P4P sits alongside the ‘For Profit’ community to deliver well governed and targeted forums for member development and liveliness; putting member needs, collaboration, accountability and innovation at its core.

Governed by a group of experienced Directors with a passion for the sector, P4P has a clear strategic direction that puts Member needs, collaboration and innovation at its core. All our Directors live and work in the Pilbara and collectively have a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships both in our sector, and more importantly, in the Pilbara.

By becoming (or remaining) a Member of P4P, you will have access to a range of opportunities, activities and resources that enable you to:

Connect and Collaborate
A key focus of P4P is connecting our Members in person and online. Events in centres across the Pilbara give an opportunity to meet your peers, build relationships and connect. P4P Forums are a valuable platform for facilitating networking and encouraging dialogue with decision makers, stakeholders and policy writers; promoting collaboration and communication and focusing on improved outcomes, with a particular focus on place-based solutions and lived experience initiatives. Members can access the Social Services Directory on the P4P website to connect with other specialist services.

Be Recognised in Pilbara Social Policy Change
Our region is beset with significant change. The State Government’s ‘Regional Service Reform Unit’ has been tasked with transforming the budget and service delivery for our Region. Similarly the Federal Government is driving fundamental change in the Pilbara and Northwest – with both Governments adopting a focus on ‘place-based’ solutions. P4P is ready to engage in this challenge and make sure P4P amplifies the perspective of our Members and the people they serve.

Market Yourself and Your Organisation
P4P will create a range of outlets to celebrate the achievements of our members, spotlight the vibrancy of P4P people, and promote your services and events through our website, facebook page, newsletters, events and awards.

Be Informed
P4P is a central reference point for practical business and policy information to keep Members informed of policy changes, grant opportunities, career moves, training, outstanding achievement and other topics that keep us connected and informed.

Through P4P you can share ideas, information, and other (non-confidential) resources with peer organisations and like-minded people. Through our Forums and online resource library and discussion forums, P4P can support members to share their knowledge, skill base and best practice.

Build Capacity
Through access to information, resources and local, sector specific training opportunities, P4P can support you to develop leadership capacity and governance excellence.

Celebrate Excellence
P4P is committed to promoting and celebrating excellence and success within our sector. The Inaugural Pilbara Community Services Excellence Awards are an ideal opportunity to celebrate member achievements.

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