About Us

The Mission of Pilbara for Purpose

Pilbara For Purpose (P4P) is the peak membership body of the “for purpose” sector in the Pilbara. P4P aims to support innovation and increase collaboration in delivering community services by:

The Vision of Pilbara for Purpose

Pilbara for Purpose’s activities are guided by overarching objectives that commit it to:

The Values of Pilbara for Purpose

Pilbara for Purpose operates under clear and agreed values and principles that guide our decision making.

A Brief History of Pilbara for Purpose

The Pilbara Association of Non Government Organisations (PANGO) was formed in 2005 as a peak body for the Pilbara’s non-government sector. It was formed with the support of dedicated volunteers, industry stakeholders and private organisations who recognised the need for a regional body to strengthen the capacity of the for purpose sector.

For many years, PANGO brought the sector and stakeholders together, facilitated professional development and provided members with access to services and information that assisted their operations. All of this was undertaken in the aim to ensure that for purpose entities, within one of the most remote and challenging regions in the world, remain resilient and effective.

After ten years of operation, the Pilbara has however changed significantly and so too has the environment for purpose services operate in. No longer is the sector characterised by not-for-profit, non-government organisations. Social enterprises, local governments, for-profit organisations and Aboriginal corporations are working alongside and collaborating with volunteers and traditional non-government organisations.

The organisation has therefore also changed to better reflect this reality.

In late 2014, PANGO underwent an internal review/reorganisation and was renamed Pilbara for Purpose (P4P) to better reflect the diversity of members and the important role they play in Pilbara communities.

With a group of committed and experienced Directors on the P4P Board who are passionate about the Pilbara and our sector, Pilbara for Purpose is striving to become a peak body that is trusted and respected, promotes innovation and collaboration and represents the vibrancy and resilience of the For Purpose sector in the Pilbara.

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