Membership of P4P is for motivated and passionate NGOs and their people who want a stronger, connected, sustainable and respected ‘for purpose’ sector in the Pilbara. Membership is also open to volunteers, individuals and other stakeholders who are passionate about building strong and resilient Pilbara communities that are inclusive, healthy and safe for everyone.

As a member of P4P, you will be part of our network of Pilbara based people who are committed to making a difference in the lives of all people in our communities across the Pilbara.

We aim to support our members to deliver innovative, high quality and cost effective social services by providing access to a range of opportunities, activities and resources that enable them to:

A key focus of P4P is connecting our members in person and online. Networking events held across the Pilbara provide an opportunity to meet your peers, build relationships and connect with like-minded people. P4P Forums are a valuable platform for facilitating networking and encouraging dialogue with decision makers, stakeholders and policy writers; promoting collaboration and communication and focusing on improved outcomes, with a particular focus on place-based solutions and lived experience initiatives. P4P online networking sessions enable our members to connect across the Pilbara to support one another, share information and experiences, which is of particular benefit to those who live and work in the more remote areas of the Pilbara. P4P is a member of the local CCIs across the Pilbara, enabling P4P and our members to connect and engage with local businesses and stakeholders in their region.

Our region is beset with significant change. Federal and State Governments are driving fundamental change in the Pilbara and Northwest, adopting a focus on ‘place-based’ solutions. P4P has an important seat on the Pilbara District Leadership Group, providing an opportunity for P4P to be a voice for our members and the people they serve. P4P advocates on behalf of our members on key issues that affect our members and the communities they serve.

P4P has a range of outlets to celebrate the achievements of our members, spotlight the vibrancy of P4P people, and promote members’ services, events, jobs and news through our website, Facebook page, newsletters, events and Pilbara Community Services Excellence Awards.

P4P is a central reference point for practical business and policy information to keep members informed of policy changes, grant opportunities, employment, training, outstanding achievement and other topics that keep us connected and informed.

Through P4P members can share ideas, information, best practice and other (non-confidential) resources with peer organisations and like-minded people.

Through access to information, resources and local, sector specific training opportunities, P4P can support members to develop leadership capacity and governance excellence.

P4P is committed to promoting and celebrating excellence and success within our sector. The Pilbara Community Services Excellence Awards are an ideal opportunity to celebrate member achievements across the Pilbara. The Awards also provide a platform to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation within the Pilbara community of the diversity of social services being delivered across the Pilbara.

Become a member

Membership is open to not for profit, for purpose organisations, non-government organisations, charities and other bodies that exist primarily for charitable purpose with operations in the Pilbara.  Membership is also open to volunteers and individuals, and other stakeholders who are passionate about building strong and vibrant communities and developing excellence in our sector and our region. 

  • For Purpose Organisation Member

    For Purpose Organisation existing primarily for charitable purpose and engaged in some form of social service, with operations in the Pilbara

  • For Purpose Individual Member

    Individual employed by or affiliated with a For Purpose, social service organisation based in the Pilbara

  • Associate Organisation Member

    An organisation that is not engaged in any social service but is committed to the purpose and values of P4P. Includes government and for profit entities. Contact P4P if you are interested in becoming an Associate Organisation member.

  • Associate Individual Member

    Individual who is not employed by or affiliated with a for purpose, social service organisation based in the Pilbara, but who is committed to the purpose and values of P4P

Membership Fees (ex GST)

Fees are based on the financial year and invoices are usually sent out in June/July each year.

  • For Purpose Individual $100
  • For Purpose Organisation - Small (Less than 5 Pilbara FTE or equivalent $250
  • For Purpose Organisation - Medium (6-15 Pilbara FTE or equivalent) $500
  • For Purpose Organisation – Large (15+ Pilbara FTE or equivalent) $750
  • Volunteer (Working for P4P) $0
  • Associate Individual $100
  • Associate Organisation contact P4P if you are interested

Membership Application Forms

For More Information

Contact the Pilbara for Purpose team if you would like more information about P4P membership. You can email us at  or use our Contact Form.