Pilbara Community Services Excellence Awards

Our Purpose

The Pilbara Community Services Excellence Awards celebrate the leadership, collaboration, innovation and resilience demonstrated by individuals and organisations working in the community services sector in the Pilbara, as well as acknowledge their outstanding achievements. The Awards provide an ideal opportunity to reflect on the achievements of our sector as well as increase community awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of social services being delivered by our sector in the Pilbara.

These Awards are unique in that they are the only awards that focus solely on showcasing and celebrating achievements of the community services sector in the Pilbara – the people, the hardships, challenges and the outstanding outcomes being achieved. The Awards provide a spotlight, at a regional level, on the incredible efforts and results of the many Pilbara based organisations and individuals, which often go unnoticed and unrecognised.

Nominating in the Awards provides an opportunity for organisations and individuals to take a critical look at the work they are doing, the outcomes they are achieving and how they are demonstrating collaboration, innovation, resilience and creativity in response to ever changing needs and challenges.

Community members are encouraged to nominate an organisation or individual for the outstanding achievements and positive impact they have made on the lives of people in their community.

The Awards process culminates in a Gala Dinner, an evening of celebration, entertainment and networking, where nominees and finalists are acknowledged and the winners of each Award category are announced. The Gala Dinner provides a platform to network and connect with others from across the Pilbara, which is important especially for those living and working in the more remote parts of the Pilbara.

2022 Awards

After another difficult year faced with many challenges, the Awards in 2022 will provide a great opportunity to gather the Pilbara community together in Newman to celebrate our community heroes - organisations and individuals, including volunteers, youth and seniors, who have made a difference to our Pilbara communities.

This is the first time the Awards have been held in the inland Pilbara and is an ideal opportunity for the Newman community to showcase their town, their culture and their people.

Nominations are now open. Click below for more information and to nominate.


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We are proud to have support from a range of partners and sponsors for these Awards who are committed to helping to build and strengthen our Pilbara communities.